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Fence Repair

If you are not looking to replace your entire fence, or build a new fence, and simply need to repair your existing fence, gate or gate operator device, A to Z Fence Co. can help.  We repair fences, gates and gate operator devices for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
Chain Link Fence Repair
Chain link fence is made of galvanized steel and typically made up of four components, fence posts, fence ties, post caps and hardware and chain link fencing. Chain link fences are widely used in residential and commercial applications and used as temporary barriers for construction sites and events.  Chain link fence is also a popular barrier for commercial and industrial equipment. A to Z Fence Co. repairs chain link fences for both, residential and commercial clients. If your chain link posts are bent or chain links have been damaged, A to Z Fence Co. can save you money by only replacing the damaged section as needed. If your chain link fencing has been compromised, call A to Z Fence Co. today. 
Wood Fence Repair
Wood fences are one of the more popular residential fencing in Southeast Texas.  Wood fences are affordable, durable, anesthetically pleasing, and come in many styles.  Wood fences styles may be the typical vertical board fence, pool and deck louver style, garden lattice style, or acreage post and rail.  Unlike chain link fences, which are more weather durable, wood fences are more susceptible to storm damage.  Wood fence finishing is also susceptible to weather, which can brown and become unsightly due to humidity.  Wood pieces may also become brittle, if not treated properly, and loose its strength.  Whether your wood fence needs a full replacement or sections repaired, we can match your current wood fence style and repair damaged sections as needed.
Vinyl Fence Repair
Vinyl is becoming more and more popular because of its durability, color options, and design appeal.  Because vinyl fences are designed for long-term durability (lifetime warranty on some brands), it is a more costly fence to install, when compared to wood, for example.  However, when considering the lifetime value of a fence, vinyl is much more economical than wood.  though vinyl fences are incredibly durable, they are susceptible to accidents, damage and if not originally installed correctly, can sag or bend.  Vinyl fences can be repaired.  Because of the wide variety of custom options available for vinyl fences, repair may take longer to properly match the style and color of your existing vinyl fence.
Iron Gate Repair
Iron gates, or sometimes refered to as wrought iron gates, are some of the strongest of gate options.  Iron gates are used in a wide variety of applications for homes, businesses and industrial property.  In residental applications, iron may compliment a brick fence or have an ornamental design to protect and beautify the home.  A business or industrial property may use iron for entry access gates. A primary weak point on iron gates are the the welding points where bars are welded to posts.  If not welded correctly, these points can give way and begin to sag.  Iron and it's welded points are also sucseptible to erosion due to humidity. If your iron fence is in need of repair, A to Z Fence Co. repairs both the iron fencing and access control systems at your home or business.  
Aluminum Fence Repair
Aluminum is an alternative to iron fencing. While lighter than iron, aluminum provides a durable barrier and decorative appeal popular with home builders, homeowner's associations, municipal parks and recreation and more.  In these applications, aluminum railing fences are often shorter fences, about waist level, and though used as a protective barrier, provide an open feel.  Aluminum fences are typically pre-manufactured in panels and installed in sections.  These sections, if not manufactured or installed properly, can lose strength and may come apart.  Though very durable in storm weather, aluminum fences are susceptible to damage.  If your aluminum fence has been damage, call our fence specialists for help.
Access Control / Gate Operator Device Repair
With entryway gates, an access control is the operator device used to open and close the gate.  Advanced access control devices may be tied to a security system, and a basic access control may simply open and close by remote or vehicle detection.  Gate access control devices fail for many reasons, it may be electrical or mechanical.  If your device has stopped working, is sluggish, or jammed, A to Z Fence Co. can inspect the problem and recommend a solution to repair or replace this device.

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